Process established VN Best Seafood

Harry was born in Mekong Delta in South of Vietnam where has Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Vietnam. Mekong river is considered as home of many species of fish, one of them becomes very famous globally, it’s Swai or Pangaius. With the passion on fish when he was young, Harry would like to bring the most delicious fish to tables of many families around the world. Chief and housewife said Swai can be processed for many dishes such as: fried, steamed, hot pot, braised…..which attracts many people for their curiousness about this kind of fish.

Lisa has spent many years in Hainan where is famous for Tilapia. Hainan is now one of the biggest farming & processing areas for Tilapia in China. Tilapia is also a very delicious fish which you will not forget it when you have tried it once. Within China, there is another kind of fish name “Channel Catfish” which many Chinese people enjoy tasting it and American people also love this kind of fish. Like Swai and Tilapia, Catfish can be processed for many dishes such as: fried, steamed, hot pot, braised….

With the passion in fish, Lisa and Harry have established VN Best Seafood Co. in 2015 because they want to bring these healthy, safe and delicious fish to people everywhere. VN Best Seafood is a distributor/broker for Swai; Tilapia; Catfish and we also deal with many other kinds of fresh-water and sea-water fish. We ship these kinds of fish to US, Canada, Australia and to EU.

You can contact our team to know more for these kind of fish. We are very eager to serve you whenever you are interested in doing business with us.