Product Descriptions:
Catfish Fillets (Ictalurus punctatus) , Boneless, Skinless, All Natural or treated with 10% solution statement or 15% solution statement # 84% & 84.5% Moisture

Size: 3/5;5/7;7/9; 9/11oz

IQF & IVP products:


  • IQF, 10lb,  15lb/Ctn, 22lb/ctn or any packings as per request
  • IVP, 1lb x10/ctn, 2lb x10/ctn, 4lb x5/ctn or any packings as per request


Size: 6/8;8/10;10/12;12/14oz

Shatter-pack or layer-pack products:


  • Shatterpack, 11lb x2/Ctn, 10lb x4/Ctn, 10lb inner Box x4/lb
  • IWP, Shatterpack, 10lb x4/Ctn
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Catfish – Freshwater fish



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